Addis Ababa: #Ethiopian Police uses tear gas for Muslims during Eid celebrations

Ethiopia-(Berberanews)-Security forces in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Abeba, fired tear gas at crowds of Muslims gathered to mark the end of Ramadan.

When the violence broke out, tens of thousands of people were attending Eid prayers in the city’s main stadium. There have been no reported casualties.

The incident occurred after days of rising tensions between Muslims and Christians in various parts of the country, following the death of 20 Muslims last week while attending a funeral in the north.

Following the incident in Gondar, there have been protests and retaliatory attacks in several areas, including the burning of at least three churches in southern Ethiopia.

The violence in the capital on Monday is likely to exacerbate tensions. Images of people fleeing tear gas and mothers desperately searching for their children in the midst of the chaos have gone viral on social media. Police in Addis Abeba blamed the violence on “a few individuals” and said property had been damaged. They vowed to conduct an extensive investigation.

A civil war in northern Tigray and ethnic violence in many parts of the country have already divided the country.