#Ethiopia-#Somaliland Memorandum of Understanding (#MoU)

In his latest interview with BBC Somali today, Dr Essa Kayd, Somaliland’s Minister Foreign Affairs and International Relations, reiterated “the finalization of the MoU is a positive step forward, and any concerns about repercussions are likely unfounded. The MoU will be mutually beneficial and is likely to be implemented smoothly by Ethiopia and Somaliland.”

According to the readout of the interview provided by Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Kayd dismissed the recent statement by the Third Session of the Arab Economic and Cooperation Forum held in #Doha, #Qatar, as “no different” from previous statements.

“We perceive the Doha statement as no different from previous attempts by Somalia to pressure other nations. Somaliland will continue on its chosen path, determining the future of our 6.2 million citizens,” the Ministry quoted Dr Kayd as saying.

“Somalia needs to focus on its own internal issues before criticizing others. Somaliland deserves a voice in the international community. We have a strong case for recognition, and it’s time for our voice to be heard”, the Ministry’s readout of the interview said.
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