Sweden refuses to join NATO

STOCKHOLM, March 8 -(Berberanews)- Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, #Swedish Prime Minister #Magdalena Andersson rebuffed requests from the opposition to consider joining #NATO, arguing that doing so now would undermine European security.

#Sweden has not engaged in a war since 1814 and has founded its foreign policy on avoiding military alliances, but as tensions with Russia in the Baltic region have escalated, it has grown closer to NATO in recent years.

#Russia’s incursion, which it describes as a “special military operation,” has reignited calls for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, both of which have stayed outside the alliance.

“It would further destabilize this part of Europe and exacerbate tensions if Sweden chose to submit an application to join NATO in the current scenario,” Andersson told reporters.

“Throughout this process, I have been explicit in saying that what is best for Sweden’s security and the security of this region of Europe is for the government to have a long-term, consistent, and predictable strategy, and that is still my position.”

Russia opposes Finland and Sweden joining NATO, and warned late last month that if they did, “severe military-political consequences” would follow.

Andersson spoke after meeting with leaders of opposition parties to discuss the deteriorating security situation.