MSF wants an explanation for the killings in Tigray.

Ethiopia-(Berberanews)-MSF, a medical charity, has requested Ethiopia to reply to a media report that government forces killed three of its staff members in Tigray’s conflict-torn area last year.

The bodies of Mara Hernández, Yohannes Halefom, and Tedros Gebremariam, three charity workers, were discovered next to their burned-out van on a roadside in June.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that they were shot dead by retreating Ethiopian soldiers on the orders of a commander enraged by their presence in a war zone.

According to the newspaper, investigators, senior assistance officials, and Ethiopian soldiers were quizzed about the incident.

According to one witness, the charity workers had their hands over their heads when they were fired while searching for the wounded in the combat zone.

When the administration of Tigray parted out with the region’s ruling TPLF party in November 2020, a terrible conflict ensued, which has now expanded to neighboring territories.

MSF claims that the killings were premeditated, but it wants to know more about the circumstances and who was responsible.

The Ethiopian government has yet to respond to the claims made by The New York Times