Ukraine announced compulsory military service for all men

All men of fighting age in Ukraine will be required to serve in the military, according to the Ukrainian administration.

In the latest ominous signs of an all-out Russian military onslaught, Ukraine has declared a state of emergency and ordered its citizens in Russia to leave immediately. Moscow has begun evacuating its embassy in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s parliament overwhelmingly adopted Zelenskyy’s declaration on Wednesday, imposing a 30-day period of emergency beginning Thursday.
In the “interests of national security and public order,” authorities can restrict mobility, stop gatherings, and outlaw political parties and groups during the state of emergency.

Shelling increased on Wednesday along the line of contact in eastern Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two Moscow-backed rebel districts this week and ordered Russian forces to be deployed as “peacekeepers.”

Moscow has dismissed concerns as anti-Russian hysteria, denying that it is contemplating an invasion. It has not, however, taken any efforts to evacuate the troops stationed near Ukraine’s borders.