Djibouti refuses it’s territory to be used against any neighbour countries

Djibouti-(Berberanews)-The government of Djibouti, has refused to allow its country to be attacked by neighboring Ethiopia.
Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf has said that there will be no hostile intervention in Djibouti inside Ethiopia.

“Djibouti appreciates its strategic partnership with the United States and for sure this partnership is not oriented against any  country whatsover .”said Minister Mohamoud on his twitter.

Mr Mohamed concerned about their territorry to be used for intervention.

“Some expressed the concern about Djibouti’s territory being used for hostile intervention in the neighbouring countries . That is not going to happen for The Djiboutian Government is attached to its relations with its  neighbours..”

The decision by Djibouti’s foreign minister follows a statement by the commander of US forces in Djibouti, General William Zana, said that they are ready to enter Ethiopia if the situation worsens.