Tigrean Forces have taken control of strategic town of Mile

Ethiopia-(Berberanews)-Tigrean and Oromo allied forces have taken control of the strategic town of Mile.
After a week of fierce fighting in the Afar region, particularly in the town of Mile, the Tigrean forces have finally been able to take control of the town.
The capture of Mile, an important trade route between Ethiopia and Djibouti, Ethiopia’s main trading port, is a major setback for the Ethiopian government, and the only open route is  Diridhiba.

If the allied Tigrean and Oromo forces take the second route, there is no further hope for Ethiopia to get oil and livelihoods from Djibouti. Instead, Ethiopia will have to relocate its trade to Berbera and Wajale will pass through all its imports from Djibouti.