Ilhan Omar was appointed to a more important position.

Washington-(Berberanews)-Ilhan Omar has been chosen to serve as the Democratic Party members of the House of Representatives’ Budget Committee’s deputy leader.
The overall government spending levels are determined by this body.

During the 116th Congress, Ilhan, who was chosen from Minnesota, had previously joined this committee.

Rep. Omar stated in a statement, “I am very thrilled that my Democratic colleagues voted for me as the top Democratic member of the budget committee.

Budgets show what we value. I’m especially thrilled to work with Brendan Boyle and his outstanding team to press for budgets that prioritize serving the needs of the American people, she said.

Fighting for budgets that support universal health care, debt-free higher education, and one that addresses climate challenges is more crucial than ever. This transformation begins in the House Budget Committee.

On February 2, the Republican members of the US House of Representatives—who are now the majority—voted in this manner, accusing them of making remarks against Israel. As a result, Ilhan Omar was expelled from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.