Somaliland officials donate their salaries to military fighting against SSC in Laas-Aanood

Hargeisa- (Horn Observer) Somaliland authorities on Sunday its cabinet will donate salaries the Somaliland military fighting against the SSC in the town of Laas-Aanood, local media reports.

Somaliland Minister of Agriculture Abdiqadir Iman Warsame who announced the donation also called on all citizens to actively donate to its army.

”The salaries of the ministers are being cut to donate to the army” Minister Iman said.

The announcement comes amid the deputy commissioner of Hudun district, Abdinasir Abdikhadir, announced his defection to the SCC-Khatuma forces on Saturday, becoming the second official from Somaliland.

Since the war began, several high-ranking Somaliland officials, including politicians, government officials, and military officers, have defected to the SS

Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Deeq Mahumed Abdi, the commander of the 95th Brigade of the Somaliland Army based in Buhoodle and Arowayn on Friday, announced his defection to the SSC forces

The Lieutenant Colonel explained that his resignation came after witnessing abuses perpetrated by Somaliland forces on the people of his region, and he intends to defend his people.