The Somaliland Army came under heavy guns for the second time today at 5:30am in the outskirts of Lasanod by terrorist armed groups who attacked the army yesterday.

Today, the preparator were supported by militias from the neighboring Puntland region of Somalia and the so called Khatumo militia in a carefully coordinated manner.

The Republic of Somaliland’s army has the sole responsibility to protect the Somaliland’s long-standing peace and development which contributes to the overall stability in the Horn of Africa region.

It is unfortunate that the Puntland region of Somalia has joined to support the terrorist groups giving terrorist figures involved in Lasanod a safe heaven.

The Somaliland army has the full capacity to counter any terrorist attack in the country and will strive to bring peace and stability in the region. We will coordinate with AU, IGAD and the other regional bodies to make sure stability is ensured for the region before it is too late.

Abdillahi Ahmed Arshe
Spokesperson, Ministry of Interior