Kenya is establishing a diplomatic mission in Somaliland.

Kenya-(Berberanews)- #Kenyan government is planning to open offices in six countries including #Somaliland within this year, according to a news broadcast in Kenyan Business News Daily Africa.

Somaliland, #Djibouti, Indonesia, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the countries where the Kenyan government plans to open diplomatic offices. These offices will report directly to the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was also stated that these diplomatic offices will strengthen Kenya’s foreign presence, particularly in other nations, by doubling those countries’ economic, commercial, and cultural links with the Kenyan government.

These offices will also link Kenyan populations living in places where the Kenyan government will establish diplomatic missions.

This occurred after Kenya’s President, William Ruto, overhauled the country’s foreign policy, increasing the number of diplomatic missions to 66 from 60.