#Somaliland has its first oil discovery.

Somaliland-(Berberanews)-According to a Somaliland’s ministry of energy and mineral resources, oil has been discovered in the Marodi-Jeh region’s Sallahey area.

The ministry claimed that after a black liquid leaked from a nearby waterwell drilling site, it conducted scientific examinations, and the findings supported the detection of oil.

This is the region’s first verified oil discovery.

The statement also mentioned that Genel Energy, a UK company, would begin more oil exploration and production.

The finding comes two weeks after the federal government of Somalia warned Genel Energy against conducting oil drilling in Somaliland without Mogadishu’s permission, claiming the company was compromising the country’s sovereignty.

Somaliland, which separated from the southern region in 1991 and has since unsuccessfully sought international recognition, deemed the Mogadishu proclamation to be useless.