“The Somaliland National Army does not rush to war”. Nuh Tani

The leaders of Puntland must refrain from empty threats and protect good neighbors – Major General Nuh Ismail Tani.

The Somaliland National Army does not rush to war, but if forced to, they know how to respond and win.

The Commander of the Somaliland National Army, Major General Nuh Ismail Tani underlined that the National Army does not like war, but if forced, they know how to respond and win.

He said that the National Army is in their areas, and that they do not violate the borders of other countries, such as the Somali regional government of Puntland.
Commander Nuh, who held a press conference in Hargeisa today, responded to a statement from the Commander of the Puntland Darwiish Army, and called on them to refrain from misleading statements by the media, and that the National Army is ready.  are to defend Somaliland’s borders.
Commander Nuh said that lately there have been threats coming from the leaders of Puntland, the most recent of which was the Commander of the Daravish Army, Abshir Jama.
He also mentioned that the National Army Forces and Somaliland politics should protect the security of neighboring countries such as the Somali state of Puntland, but unfortunately the political leaders and the Puntland forces always make insulting statements that Somaliland usually does not accept.  no answer.
Commander Nuh said that his lack of knowledge led him to disgrace three words that he said to the commander of the Puntland dervishes of Hadhuudh, Arabakhi and Huno.  He does not take shame.
He said that he is aware of the threats of the Puntland Darawish Commander who said that he will start a war in Somaliland, while he was stopping people in several places while he was talking to the army, but he is calling on our National Army not to like war, but if forced, they know how to respond.  , and be successful.
“You have been away from the country, many things have happened, ask about the history of the people who came before you.  The men before you were working together in this way, and they were seniors, like Yasin Omar Dheere, or those before him who were one of Saeed Dheere, work on security, and ask about the experience.”
He called on the leaders of Puntland to stop the threats against Somaliland and to protect the neighbors.
He called on them to resolve the conflict peacefully, but not with guns.  The people of the Somali state of Puntland have called on them to protect the security and the neighbors.
We called on the commander of the Daravish to not let the Somaliland national army back down from the threats, and it is important that he go back on his words.
“Boacame has a National Army in the area. If they are attacked, they are attacked by the National Army. We will not back down, and we will defend them.”