Somaliland has overcome being threatened or humiliated

Mr president Somaliland and Somalia were each an independent countries when they met 1960,your

 speech to the Somali community in America was embarrassing and even  damaging to your reputation.

It was clear to me when you were talking about it that you have no knowledge of somaliland

 and its people and i advice you before you talk about Somaliland to learn what Somaliland is.

Mr President Hassan,Somaliland was before you and it is behind you,i am telling you and

 reminding you that Somaliland is not a country that can be invaded it is a self-sufficient

independent country that defends its sovereignty,soil,people and honor there is no  one who can

harm Somaliland,Somaliland has the best trained armied forces in east Africa and they have the

 ability to destroy any enemy.

Mr President Hasan,The republic of Somaliland has overcome being threatened or humiliated.

finally i advice you not to entertain your people with lies and return to the truth.

thank you.

Oslo Norway