American military planes increases flights to Somaliland

Somaliland-(Berberanews)-Air operations by US Navy aircraft in #Somaliland have resumed since Sunday.

This week on Sunday,  C-12 aircraft operated by the US Navy took off from Djibouti and flew over Somaliland, as reported by radar24.

Also, on Wednesday, the KC130J aircraft, flight number #BRNCO73, which is manufactured by the Lockheed Martin company, landed at Berbera Airport.

The Lockheed Martin KC-130 is a family of high-speed refueling tankers developed from the C-130 Hercules.

The KC-130J is the latest model operated by the US Navy. It replaced the earlier KC-130F, KC-130R, and KC-130T in order of air fuel differences.

The United States Congress has passed a cooperation law that states how to cooperate with Somaliland in many activities carried out by the United States in Africa and elsewhere.