Senators from the US disagree with Somaliland’s decision to close the BBC.

Hargeisa-(Berberanews)- The Senate members who worked on the #Somaliland-US Relations Act strongly disagreed with the government’s plan to shut down the BBC.

James Elroy Risch, an American lawyer and politician who worked as a senator and now a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, described Somaliland’s decision to close the BBC as “unacceptable.”

#Somaliland can and should be a stronger partner to the U.S., which is why I proposed a bill examining ways to do that. But, it’s unacceptable for it to continue undermining #pressfreedom, esp. as it tries to distinguish itself from the region on its democratic record.” Tweeted by James Elroy Risch.

Tibor Peter Nagy Jr. a former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and a former American foreign service officer who served as the American ambassador to Guinea and to Ethiopia also tweetted “better to educate than to eradicate”

“Totally understand #Somaliland’s frustration with #BBC Somali language coverage but banning such a global news outlet is counterproductive – the media always gets the last word. Better to engage and educate than trying to eradicate!”

According to Tibor Nagy, the frustration of the Somaliland leaders is understandable (BBC Somali Service), but these individuals are unable to change their minds about the choices they have made and will eventually reopen the stations that had been shuttered previously.

The government of President Bihi makes hasty decisions, and after several months, the previously detained institutions are freed! Examine that bad reputation given how it affects Somaliland’s foreign policy?