US troops take over security of Berbera Airport

Berbera- (Berberanews) -US forces have taken full control of Berbera Security at Berbera Airport.

There was no official word from the Somaliland government, but sources close to confirmed that US forces had taken control of Berbera Airport yesterday.

A number of military planes landed at Berbera Airport yesterday, carrying hundreds of foreign workers, mostly Indians and Asians, who have been contracted to build several US military bases for a short period of time.

All Somaliland staff working at the airport were evacuated and the UAE official at Berbera Airport returned home.

All Somaliland workers at the airport have been informed that they will be on holiday for 12 days starting yesterday.

During that 12-day period, no one will be able to enter the Airport.

Also today, a large number of US planes carrying large quantities of military equipment landed at Berbera Airport without any information, as access to the airport was banned.