#Ethiopian police say a joint operation thwarted an Al-Shabaab terror attack

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia –(Berberanews)-The Federal Police and the Addis Abeba Police Commissions announced today that a joint operation foiled a planned terror attack by Al-Shabaab militants, specifically targeting Addis Abeba.

At a joint press conference today, leaders of the federal and Addis Abeba police criminal investigation departments said the joint operation helped foil a planned terror attack by Al-Shabaab militants who came from Somalia and infiltrated the capital through the Somali region.

Furthermore, security officials stated that over 340 people were detained and are being investigated for alleged involvement in terrorist activities, corruption, and other illegal activities in Addis Abeba as “TPLF agents” and “Shene” (officials’ reference to the Oromo Liberation Army, OLA).

However, security officials did not provide any additional information about the nature of the joint operation.