Palestinian Businessman donates $ 30,000 to Waaheen market reconstruction

Minnesota-(Berberanews) -A Palestinian-American businessman, Bassim Sabri, has donated $ 30,000 to support the Waaheen market in the capital of the Republic of Somaliland, Hargeisa, which was destroyed in a fire that also devastated thousands of businesses. .

Sabri, a Palestinian businessman living in the United States, presented a check for donations to the Waaheen Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and thanked the committee for its support.

The businessman, who owns the Somali Mall in Minneapolis, Carmel Mall, said last week that he would help rebuild the Waheen market and help traders who lost their lives in the fire.

Somalis in Minneapolis, meanwhile, have been campaigning in recent days to help with the relief effort in Waheen, hoping to gain significant support for the rebuilding of the market, which is one of the largest commercial markets in the Republic of Somaliland.