As Zelenskyy calls for a no-fly zone, a Russian strike destroys an airfield.

Ukraine-(Berberanews)-According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a volley of Russian missiles destroyed a civilian airport in Vinnytsia, central Ukraine, on Sunday.

“I just received word of a missile strike on Vinnytsia. There are eight rockets… On the 11th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he remarked, “The airport was entirely demolished.”

Russia maintains that it is not striking civilian areas.

Since Russia’s incursion, several cities and airbases in Ukraine have been bombed, shelled, or targeted with ballistic missiles.

Vinnytsia is located in western central Ukraine, far from the Russian and Belarusian borders, in an area where such strikes have been rare.

Moscow calls the campaign, which began on February 24, a “special military operation,” and says it has no aspirations to seize Ukraine, which was previously under Moscow’s control but has since turned to the West and applied for membership in NATO and the European Union.

In order to avoid more Russian assaults, Zelenskyy reiterated his call that Western countries impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine