Ukraine’s Zelenskyy begs the EU, ‘Prove you are with us.’

Ukraine-(Berberanews)-A day after signing an official bid to join the European Union, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the EU to demonstrate that it supports Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

“We are fighting for equal membership in Europe,” Zelenskyy said via video link to an emergency session of the European Parliament on Tuesday.
“Prove to us that you’re with us.” Demonstrate that you will not abandon us. Prove that you are Europeans, and then life will triumph over death, and light will triumph over darkness,” he urged in Ukrainian in an address translated into English by an interpreter through tears, as the parliament was gripped by emotion.

In order to rouse his people against the invasion, Zelenskyy has remained in Kyiv. A Russian tank column was approaching Ukraine’s capital as he spoke on Tuesday.

Zelenskyy received a standing ovation from EU parliamentarians, many of whom wore #standwithUkraine T-shirts with the Ukrainian flag on them, and others who wore blue-and-yellow scarves or ribbons.

“With us, the EU will be considerably stronger.” Ukraine will be lonely without you,” Zelenskyy added, implying that Kyiv is well aware that Ukraine’s membership bid will be lengthy and arduous.