Turkey to block Russian warship transit to the Black Sea.

Turkey-(Berberanews)-Turkey has referred to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “war,” signaling a shift in tone that might open the way for the NATO member to enforce sections of an international treaty, potentially limiting Russian warship transit from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

Ankara had been urged by Kyiv to prevent any additional Russian ships from entering the Black Sea, from where Moscow began an attack on Ukraine’s southern shore.

This month, at least six Russian warships and a submarine passed through Turkey’s straits.

“The situation in Ukraine is now officially a war… It’s not just a couple of air strikes… In an interview with CNN Turk on Sunday, Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, declared, “We will implement the Montreux Convention.”

Ankara has termed the Russian attack deplorable in previous days, but had not labeled the situation in Ukraine as a war until Sunday, balancing its Western commitments and tight connections with Moscow.