United Kingdom will imposes sanctions to Rusian leaders

Uk-(Berberanews)-Boris Johnson has stated that sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be implemented as soon as possible.

During a phone call with Nato leaders on Friday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron warned Putin that he was “engaging in a revanchist mission to overturn post-Cold War order,” that his “ambitions might not stop there, and that this was a Euro-Atlantic crisis with global consequences,” according to a No 10 spokeswoman.

The message also cited the Swift international payment network, which Ukraine has demanded that Russia be barred from using.

“The prime minister urged leaders to act swiftly against Swift in order to inflict maximum pain on President Putin and his administration,” the statement reads.

It comes on top of the UK’s sanctions package, which includes, among other things, the exclusion of key Russian banks from the UK financial system.