3 dead A fighter jet crash in Iran

Tehran – An army warplane crashed in an urban area near Iran’s Tabriz, killing three people.

The tragedy claimed the lives of two pilots and a bystander sitting in a parked vehicle.

The aircraft, an F5 model used for training, crashed owing to technical faults, according to local army official Reza Yousefi, who spoke to state media at the disaster site.

He praised the two pilots for “sacrificing” themselves by landing the jet in an open space near to a sports facility, avoiding residential neighborhoods.

The plane impacted the side of a school that was empty owing to COVID-19 restrictions, he added, in addition to the civilian’s automobile.

“These two pilots gave their lives so the jet wouldn’t crash into a neighborhood.” “They could have ejected, but they stayed and managed to steer it away from the residential area,” Yousefi explained.

The incident occurred at roughly 8 a.m. (04:30 GMT), according to an army official, who identified the pilots as Sadegh Falahi and Alireza Hanifehzad.