An Indian man transforms his car into a helicopter and rents it out for weddings

India-(Berberanews)-Hiring helicopters for a family wedding is becoming increasingly popular in India, with many families spending more than Rs100,000 to hire a chopper for an hour.

What if you don’t have that kind of cash on hand? Don’t worry: Guddu Sharma has a better alternative. A mechanic from Bagaha, Bihar, spent over half a million rupees to turn his Nano car into a ‘helicopter.’

It cannot fly despite being converted into a chopper. But, when you’re paying Rs15,000 for a thrill trip, who cares if it doesn’t take off? .

According to media sources, this is what a number of people chose while booking his “chopper car” for weddings.

Guddu boasted to the media, “In this era of digital India, my innovation is an example of self-reliant India.” The aspiring entrepreneur claims that his vehicle is in high demand; the fad is catching on, and others have begun modifying their cars and converting them into ‘choppers.’

In August 2019, a citizen of a Bihar town changed his Tata Nano, a car that was produced until 2018 and was discontinued.

Mithilesh Kumar had informed the journalists, “I always wanted to construct a helicopter.” “However, because I don’t have a solid background, I’ve customized my car and given it a helicopter look.”