Five Eritreans were killed by gunmen in a refugee camp, UN says

Eritrea-(Berberanews)-At least five Eritrean refugees were slain earlier this month, according to the United Nations, when armed men stormed a camp in Ethiopia’s north-eastern Afar region, where conflict between the government and rebels from neighboring Tigray has raged.

Several women were also kidnapped during the raid on Berhale camp, according to the global body, and many inhabitants escaped and family members became separated in the pandemonium.

When the civil conflict broke out 15 months ago, more than 100,000 Eritrean refugees were residing in Tigray and Afar provinces; thousands are now missing.

Eritreans fleeing political persecution and compulsory conscription have sought refuge in Ethiopian camps for many years.

They have been attacked by both Eritrean soldiers fighting alongside Ethiopian government troops and Tigrayan rebels since the crisis began in November 2020 in Ethiopia.

Although fighting has subsided in many parts of Ethiopia’s north, military clashes have continued in Afar, where regional authorities accuse Tigrayan rebels of aggression and attacks on civilian targets. Tigrayan forces denies.