Canadian Protesters were arrested by Ottawa police

Ottawa-(Berberanews)-As a strong group of policemen moved in to clear the area, Ottawa police arrested dozens of protesters and began hauling automobiles that had been blocking the center of the Canadian capital for three weeks.

Hundreds of police officers and dozens of police cars, including a big black armoured car, arrived near the Ottawa Art Gallery on Friday, where roughly 20 vehicles had been parked since late January, blocking the route.

“If you do not leave now, you will be detained,” police said as they smashed windows of cars.

Interim On Friday afternoon, Ottawa police chief Steve Bell told reporters that 70 persons had been arrested. During a press conference, he stated, “We will labor day and night until this [operation] is accomplished.”

On January 28, a large gathering of Canadian truckers and their supporters gathered in Ottawa to protest coronavirus restrictions and demand that they be lifted.

Trucks blocked the streets around Parliament Hill and have remained there ever since, occupying numerous residential blocks in the heart of the city.