Muslims in Tigray have severed relations with Ethiopia’s Islamic organization

Ethiopia-(Berberanews)-The senior Islamic council in Tigray has severed ties with the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, the country’s umbrella body.

This comes only days after Tigray’s Orthodox religious leaders announced that they were breaking away from the Ethiopian Orthodox church to form their own synod.

Muslim officials said they made the decision as a result of the country’s Islamic body’s unwillingness to condemn the war, which has been raging since 2020.

The council mentioned the shelling and damage to Al Nejashi mosque, one of its holiest locations, in the early conflict.

The earliest Muslims to travel to Africa during the time of Prophet Muhammad are thought to have erected the mosque in the 7th century.

According to analysts, the religious schisms are a crucial chapter in the conflict in a country where Orthodox Christians account for more than 40% of the population and Muslims for roughly 34%.

The Orthodox Tewahodo Church has the greatest following in Ethiopia and wields enormous power in the country’s social and political areas.