Canada court orders end to trucks’ bridge blockade

Canada-(Berberanews)-Despite a court order to depart, protesters are still holding a major crossing on Canada’s border with the United States.

On Friday, at 19:00 local time (midnight GMT), an injunction was issued to put an end to days of protests.

Truckers are obstructing the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan.

Truckers are protesting Covid restrictions at other border crossings as well as in Ottawa.

The city of Windsor and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association filed the injunction, claiming that the convoy was costing them up to $50 million ($39 million; £29 million) per day.
Following the court ruling, Windsor Police issued a statement to “make demonstrators plainly aware that blocking the border crossing is a criminal offense.”
A criminal conviction, according to the police, might result in the seizure of vehicles and the inability to enter the United States.

Nonetheless, crowds of protesters flying Canadian flags defied the ban and proceeded to occupy the bridge several hours later.

Hundreds of additional demonstrators remain in the streets of Ottawa, the nation’s capital.
Anti-vaccine protestors are also blocking two additional border crossings with the United States.

On Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the border blockades with US President Joe Biden.
Mr Trudeau said the two talked about their “common issues at the border,” with the prime leader vowing rapid steps to reopen trade.