Global community should now give rising Somaliland a leg-up

Baashe Omer Awil
For 30 years now, Somaliland has been pushing for international recognition after it disengaged from the unity with Somalia when the war broke out in 1991. It has been 30 years of toiling by the Somaliland people to pick up and rebuild their country from the rubbles occasioned by the war.

While our neighbours Somalia continue to be ravaged by instability, Somaliland has enjoyed peace and tranquility devoid of the insecurity that affected the region.

The government and people of Somaliland rate democracy very highly and while neighbouring countries are ruled with an iron fist, the same cannot be said of Somaliland which has been holding peaceful presidential elections over the years.

Thanks to this democracy and peace, the country is attracting globally respected companies. The expansion of the Berbera Port, a joint venture of the government and the DP World, is perhaps one of the biggest investment projects carried out in the country.

DP World invested 442 million US dollars to turn around the hitherto sleepy Port of Berbera to a world-class facility that will serve the country and the entire Horn of Africa region and beyond.

Further, the building of the Berbera Economic Zone will provide local and foreign investors with a conducive and competitive environment for investment and trade through readily available infrastructure including pre-built warehousing facilities, serviced land plots, and office and business centre spaces.

The opening of the refurbished Berbera International Airport marks another huge milestone for Somaliland and hands the country an opportunity to gain a slice of the growing aviation earnings in the region.