A court in Djibouti has sentenced former Air Force pilot for 12 years

Djibouti-(Berberanews)-The court sentenced Fuad Yousuf Ali to 12 years in prison and $ 12,000 after he was charged with insulting the country’s leaders.

Fuad fled to Ethiopia on March 27 last year after speaking out about injustice in Djibouti’s military.

Timiro Jama, wife of pilot Fuad said the sentence was unfair and she was not allowed to see her husband where he was being held.
“The verdict took place on Monday. Fuad was sentenced unfairly. We were arraigned in a Djiboutian court at 9 am and Fuad was sentenced at 11 pm,” said Timiro. spoke to BBC Somali.  She said the court refused to appeal the ruling.